The Seventh Day Part 5

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Part five is broken into 14 sections.
  1. Roger Williams and Religious Liberty – This nonconformist preacher established the Rhode Island colony on the foundation of freedom of conscience for everybody.


  2. To the New World – A Sabbathkeeping Baptist couple emigrate from England to Rhode Island and help establish the first Seventh Day Baptist congregation in America.


  3. A Song in the Wilderness – Conrad Beisel and his followers establish a Sabbathkeeping community on Pennsylvania’s Cocalico Creek — the Ephrata Coister.


  4. A Voice from Germany – Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf directs the Moravian mission to the North American Indians and inspires his community to keep the seventh-day Sabbath.


  5. Advent Movement – A Seventh Day Baptist lady shares her Sabbath beliefs with her pastor, and this leads to the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist church.


  6. Kingdom of Heavenly Peace – 19th-century China is shaken by the Taiping Revolution, a huge peasant revolt that is shaped, in part, by bibical principles including observance of the seventh-day Sabbath.


  7. Eskimo Prophet – In Alaska’s Kobuk River valley a man named Maniilaq learns about “seventh-day resting” from one he calls “the Grandfather.”


  8. The Shining One – Deep in the South American rain forest Chief Owkwa learns about the Sabbath from a bright celestial visitor.


  9. Africa – The Sabbath’s deep cultural roots in various parts of this continent.


  10. Saving Sunday – The secularization of Sunday in 19th-century America leads some political and religious leaders to promote laws that would protect Sunday as the national day of rest and worship.


  11. Sabbath on Trial – People who observe Saturday rather than Sunday as their weekly day of worship sometimes face financial hardship and legal trouble because of their beliefs.


  12. People of the Sabbath – Although still a small minority, seventh-day Sabbathkeepers are increasing in number around the world.


  13. Challenges – Sabbathkeeping theologians respond to critics who contend that observing the seventh-day Sabbath is legalistic or irrelevant for Christians today.


  14. Eternal Sabbath – Bible prophecy points to the Sabbath as part of God’s plan for a perfect world in the eternal future.

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